Amphibian Programs


In accordance with the global Amphibian Conservation Action Plan, critically endangered species in need of immediate conservation concern action should be subject to ex situ management, as appropriate, to insure recovery of wild populations. Under this directive, ATAG was originally engaged by IUCN/ASG to prioritize and help manage the 353 Critically Endangered amphibian species found in the Caribbean and North, Meso, and South America. Due to limited space in AZA facilities and the presence of other zoological associations within Meso and South America, the ATAG is asking AZA institutions to focus amphibian conservation efforts towards New World species with a governing mandate for ex situ management, the majority of resources being committed to North America and the Caribbean.


The following is a list of SSPs, which are priorities of the ATAG:




There are many other species managed through the ATAG and that list can be found in the Regional Collection Plan.