CIG Grants


Cryptobranchid Interest Group Grant Announcements:


Ron Goellner Conservation Fund & Jennifer Elwood Hellbender Conservation Grant

The Cryptobranchid Interest Group (CIG) will consider proposals for two separate grants for amounts up to $1,000 each. Each applicant will automatically be considered for both grants when submitting this single application.


The Ron Goellner Conservation Fund awards up to $1,000 to projects related to all Cryptobranchids (Giant Chinese and Japanese salamanders, as well as hellbenders).


The Jennifer Elwood Hellbender Conservation Grant awards up to $1,000 to projects related only to hellbenders.

Funding Priorities:

These CIG grants were initiated to support projects that uphold conservation priorities for giant aquatic salamanders. The CIG grant committee prefers projects that are broad in scope and over-all impact for the taxa in general and will select applications for funding based on the following:

  • Broadness of application for conservation of giant salamanders.
  • Field conservation of species and their habitats or mitigation of threats.
  • Innovative education initiatives to benefit species at risk and their habitats.
  • Research that has direct application to the health or recovery of species at risk.
  • Partnerships and permits are approved and demonstrated.


 Anyone may apply for this award. If funding is provided, the awardee(s) is required to recognize the CIG grant(s) in all publications and presentations. Copies of reports and publications are to be provided to CIG and reports of progress are to be submitted 12 months after award is received. CIG also requests that 3-5 images be provided to post on its website or in CIG publications to promote its support of this project.

Application Procedure:

Please click HERE for application and instructions to apply for the 2022 Ron Goellner Conservation Fund and Jennifer Elwood Hellbender Conservation Grant.